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Learn the way to overcome your limits and control your mind.

Rafael Kroeff - Breathing Coach

Our life starts on our first inhalation. Breathing is one of the most vital functions of our body. It acts as a remote control to access our brain (our emotions, senses) and heart.
When you learn to control it, you can access a whole different level in any aspect of your life

overcome your  limits

Learn how to control your breath.
It's the most effective way to:


Reach Other limits in your physical activities


Access a mindfulness state at any time


Control your emotions
under any circunstance

In this Masterclass I will teach you the basis of the MINDFULNESS OF BREATHING method. You will be able to use this techniques in your daily routine to:

You will notice that, in order to reach your maximum joy in life, you don’t need anything other than learn how to be present through breathing.

Because when you control your breathing, you will overcome your limits

to take a proper breath using the diaphragmatic muscle.

calm down your
brain waves

enhance your concentration skills


Aloha, my name is Rafael Kroeff. Although I was born far from the sea, my love for water sports began at an early age because of my father's influence. It was my first passion.
At 6 years old I learned discipline through martial arts. It was at this age that my father said something that changed my life: if you want to be someone, you must wake up every day early in the morning and do 30 push-ups. This definitely revolutionized who I am. Discipline became a mantra in my life from that moment on.
RK Training Hawaii is my fingerprint, it's the compilation of the most transformative experiences that I have endured and that allowed me to continue fulfilling my dreams.
My goal is to teach the tools that I systematized on my mindful breathing program in order to enable common people and professional athletes to overcome their limits.
Living in Hawaii is the fulfillment of yet another dream and to share my achievements with you, it is the very proof anyone can accomplish anything with love, discipline and dedication.